My Journey to Texas: Start



After some crazy rain showers and a huge accident on I-35 where I sat for *literally* hours. I decided to take the backroads when I hit just south of Waco. I’m really glad I did as it served as a nice change of scenery and offered far less traffic.

I finally arrived in the little town outside of San Antonio where I’m staying as I’m getting settled around 5:00 pm on Monday.

As I got out of the car and as greeted by my friends parent’s who I’m staying with – I found out some disheartening news. My friend Scott was diagnosed with another brain tumor – this time on the brain stem and that he and the family would be staying in Houston for the next few days to sort out treatment options.

My frist night was one that was fairly low key and quiet. We ate dinner together, talked about my journey down and discuss the news about Scott. The timing was pretty uncanny I must say.

IMG_0900 IMG_0901I decided to fill my day the next day with looking for a job and running errands such as getting the car washed (aka – getting the 1500 miles of road gunk and months of salt off of it). I also rent and rented a storage unit to stick my life into.

Never living away from home and/or a place where I could always keep my stuff – this was a first for me. As I began carrying my stuff into my tiny storage unit – this all started to become real to me that I had just moved to Texas. It was a mix of emotions but all in all I felt like I had done what was right.

So, now I’m in the process of figuring out what it means to be a Texan. I’m searching for the right job and getting connected with the local community here. While I do miss Ohio, my family, friends and a lot of the comfort I was used to – I gotta say that I’m pretty happy here and am enjoying this season of rest in my life as I gear up for the adventure that is living in Texas.

That’s it! I’m still working through the next few posts in the coming days but hope y’all have enjoyed getting a glimpse inside my journey to Texas.



My Journey to Texas

This is going to be a small four part series chronicling my move process and the various stages. Being one of the biggest things that has ever taken place in my life I wanted to blog about it to share with everyone as well as for my own memories to look back on.

  1. Grief
  2. Drive
  3. Dallas
  4. Start