One Year


“His promise is true. My God will come through – Always.”

365 days ago I was saying goodbye to the only life I had known for 28 years. 28 Years filled with a lot of great memories and a few not so great but all in all what a wonderful 28 years they were. However, deep down I knew that there was something more – God had something else for me.

Growing up in church and in a Christian home, I had always heard, “You will never have more joy than when you’re following the will of God.”

I’d like to think that for a good portion of my life I did just that. With all the capacity that I had as a child and young adult – I pursued God and His will for my life. Then somewhere along the way it became less about God and more about me.

As I grew older and became more capable of “standing on my own two feet”, I began to build a life centered around me and God took a back seat. Fast forward to 27 and I had quite the life in the eyes of this world but yet I lacked joy in my life. I continually chased the next thing – be it a better job, better title, more money or higher social status. Yet none of it brought me much joy but in the eyes of the world – I was doing great.

When God laid it on my heart to move to Texas – I was crushed. Why would he have me leave this life I love? Why would he have me move 1200 miles away from everything and everyone I knew to start a completely new life in a new state where I knew very few people?

Looking back over this year – I realize now that it was God’s way of saving me. You might be sitting there thinking, “Saving you from what?”. Great question – I often asked myself in the early days of this move and even the months leading up – what are you saving me from? I figured out that it wasn’t what but who.

God was saving me from myself.

One year later and life doesn’t look a thing like I ever thought it would. When I moved to Texas I had a lot of preconceived ideas of what life was going to be life. God taught me an important lesson those first few months I was here – the more I said no to myself and yes to Him – the more my world began to come together.

God provided a job at a company that I love doing what I love. I am surrounded by a community of people that care for me. I have a modest apartment that feels like home. I found a Church to call home. My relationship with Christ has deepened and grown. Most of all?

I’ve experienced joy that goes far beyond an earthly happiness.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. My life here is far from perfect but there is this comfort in knowing that I’m right there – in the middle of the plan that God has for my life – that allows me to finally have some rest. Now that I’ve experienced that. I’m not chasing the next best thing to fill the void because there’s no void to be filled.

JMSo to celebrate this year anniversary I woke up and decided to be spontaneous. I put the top down on the Camaro and headed for the beach. A few of hours later and I found myself at the entrance to Padre Island National State Park.

I actually penned this on paper as I sat on the beach and listened to the waves.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for me here in Texas and hopefully many more to come.