I Forgot to Run



I purchased the Rock ‘n Roll Tour Pass for 2016 with the intent to run a 10k, Half and Full with it in 2016. Well, January went by and my running shoes have sat in my closet collecting dust.

With a 10k looming at the end of February, I figured I needed to get out and run since I can’t remember the last time I ran. I realized this weekend that I’ve been suffering a bit from “paralysis by analysis”. Without a running group here in Texas, I’ve been over analyzing running. Mostly when/where. Not knowing the area, I let my research consume me until I’d get so fed up I just wouldn’t do anything aka paralysis by analysis.

Today, I started out that way. I had 10 tabs open in Safari looking for places to run. Finally the voice of reason in my head just said, “put your shoes on, go out the door and go explore”. I don’t have plans until 6:00 PM tonight and it was noon. So I had about 5┬áhours to make it back to my apartment should I get distracted or lost.

So, I turned off the laptop and did just that. I got my stuff together, filled a water bottle and took off. I left my complex and headed into downtown Boerne.

At first, I started with a structured 2/1 run/walk pattern and was very focused on running. Somewhere around 0.75 miles I found myself in downtown Boerne taking in the sights and suddenly became less focused on running and more about enjoying the journey I was on.

IMG_2640I arrived near the city center where my church (1910Church.com) held our Christmas Eve service and found myself at the trail head for the Cibolo Trail. I snapped a picture of the trailhead sign and off I went again. Still keeping somewhat of a pace and then I kind of got lost in my head and my run became a walk.

Then I stopped listening to my watch. I was listening to a Praise and Worship playlist that I have on Spotify and decided to just immerse myself in the “space” I was creating for myself. I had nothing to prove. No race to win. No place to really be. So somewhere along the way I forgot about running and decided to just be.

Soon I found myself standing at the end of the trail on the other side of the town. I realized I had literally just “ran” from one end of the town to the other. Ok, so maybe “run” is an ambitious word, more like power walked but still, you get my point.

As I was returning I had a few thoughts come across my mind:

First, how blessed I am that this is where God has lead my life. I’ve been on quite the amazing journey in my life with moving to Texas last year and I think in the hustle and bustle of everything I forgot about what blessing it is that God allowed my life to land in Boerne, Texas. Not only is this community full of wonderful and amazing people but just look at the pictures in this post. I’ve only previously dreamed of living somewhere where this is my backyard – and now I am.IMG_2642

Second, how it’s not always about the PR, distance, or destination but sometimes about the journey. I also think that it’s our human nature to want to do everything ourselves. One thing I’ve learned in this last year is about trusting God more and relying on our own self less. I’m very guilty of getting hung up in the destination in life and forgetting to enjoy the here and now – the current journey no matter how fast or slow.

So, now that I got over that hump – it is time to get some weekly runs in and enjoy this beautiful town even more.

Happy Sunday!