#ProjectBeMoreHuman – Week 8



Eight weeks! That’s crazy!

We’ve been having a rainy spring here in Texas so I haven’t had the chance to do much outdoors. I have been faithful to make it to CrossFit 3 times per week though! I’m continuing to see small improvements by either being able to complete sets faster or add more weight in certain scenarios.

I’ve managed to (just barely) not have any DNF workouts this last week. Tuesday workout (posted above) I thought was going to kill me. I ended up doing 100 single unders (jumprope) x 5. So yes, in one workout I did 500 single unders. So, before I had only previously done like 200 in one workout. Needless to say it’s Thursday and I am still feeling it. I decided to skip today and return tomorrow for my third workout of the week to give my body some extra time to recover since I also went yesterday.

I still haven’t stepped on the scale and really don’t care to at this point. My eating isn’t where it’s supposed to be but I figure once I’m in my own space I can work on getting that in order too. I do however feel like my face looks thinner and my clothes seem to be fitting better so that’s a plus.

When I return from my San Diego trip I’m hoping to identify some cycling groups to join as well as a running program to help me train for a full marathon this fall/winter. That’s my goal for May.

Until next week!