#ProjectBeMoreHuman – Week 6 & 7


Special Back to Back Edition!

So I spent the last weekend in April running two races back in Ohio – The Gold Jacket 5k at the Canton Football Hall of Fame and was on a relay team for The Glass City Marathon in Toledo.

While I enjoyed seeing everyone back in Ohio the allergies and as a result temporarily losing the hearing in my left ear for 24 hours, the cat peeing IN my suitcase and me rolling my ankle during my second race I could have done without.


My relay team did the 5k together and we had coordinating running outfits. We were more interested in just walking the race together and having a good time than about trying to PR. I’d say our outfits were a huge hit based on the amount of pictures we had taken of us and how many compliments we got.

The next day was our first relay race ever. Overall it was a positive experience but as I said above I managed to roll my ankle somewhere between mile 2 and 3 of my 6 mile relay leg. It dropped my time a ton and I was pretty discouraged but tried my best to not let it get me down.

I came back to San Antonio ready to get back into CrossFit. I came back during “1 rep max” week. So we focused on finding our 1 rep max on various movements. The WODs each day were less than fun and very much gave me a run for my money.

This week I’ve made it through two workouts (switched to a M-W-F schedule) and am proud to say that I was able to complete both of them before their time cap. I am feeling it today though – yesterday we did wall balls and toes to bar (knees to chest for me). I will say that I am starting to surprise myself by lifting heavier weights than I previously thought I could.

The weather hasn’t be cooperating with my other sports. We’ve been having daily rain (which in Texas is something we welcome) so I have been just relying on CrossFit but I’m sure the rain will end soon enough and I’ll be out running and biking again. I did stop in at a local bike shop and got some resources about mountain biking in the area. Now to find a group to road ride with and I’ll be set!

Until next week!