#ProjectBeMoreHuman – Week 8



Eight weeks! That’s crazy!

We’ve been having a rainy spring here in Texas so I haven’t had the chance to do much outdoors. I have been faithful to make it to CrossFit 3 times per week though! I’m continuing to see small improvements by either being able to complete sets faster or add more weight in certain scenarios.

I’ve managed to (just barely) not have any DNF workouts this last week. Tuesday workout (posted above) I thought was going to kill me. I ended up doing 100 single unders (jumprope) x 5. So yes, in one workout I did 500 single unders. So, before I had only previously done like 200 in one workout. Needless to say it’s Thursday and I am still feeling it. I decided to skip today and return tomorrow for my third workout of the week to give my body some extra time to recover since I also went yesterday.

I still haven’t stepped on the scale and really don’t care to at this point. My eating isn’t where it’s supposed to be but I figure once I’m in my own space I can work on getting that in order too. I do however feel like my face looks thinner and my clothes seem to be fitting better so that’s a plus.

When I return from my San Diego trip I’m hoping to identify some cycling groups to join as well as a running program to help me train for a full marathon this fall/winter. That’s my goal for May.

Until next week!

#ProjectBeMoreHuman – Week 6 & 7


Special Back to Back Edition!

So I spent the last weekend in April running two races back in Ohio – The Gold Jacket 5k at the Canton Football Hall of Fame and was on a relay team for The Glass City Marathon in Toledo.

While I enjoyed seeing everyone back in Ohio the allergies and as a result temporarily losing the hearing in my left ear for 24 hours, the cat peeing IN my suitcase and me rolling my ankle during my second race I could have done without.


My relay team did the 5k together and we had coordinating running outfits. We were more interested in just walking the race together and having a good time than about trying to PR. I’d say our outfits were a huge hit based on the amount of pictures we had taken of us and how many compliments we got.

The next day was our first relay race ever. Overall it was a positive experience but as I said above I managed to roll my ankle somewhere between mile 2 and 3 of my 6 mile relay leg. It dropped my time a ton and I was pretty discouraged but tried my best to not let it get me down.

I came back to San Antonio ready to get back into CrossFit. I came back during “1 rep max” week. So we focused on finding our 1 rep max on various movements. The WODs each day were less than fun and very much gave me a run for my money.

This week I’ve made it through two workouts (switched to a M-W-F schedule) and am proud to say that I was able to complete both of them before their┬átime cap. I am feeling it today though – yesterday we did wall balls and toes to bar (knees to chest for me). I will say that I am starting to surprise myself by lifting heavier weights than I previously thought I could.

The weather hasn’t be cooperating with my other sports. We’ve been having daily rain (which in Texas is something we welcome) so I have been just relying on CrossFit but I’m sure the rain will end soon enough and I’ll be out running and biking again. I did stop in at a local bike shop and got some resources about mountain biking in the area. Now to find a group to road ride with and I’ll be set!

Until next week!

#ProjectBeMoreHuman – Week 5


Woah! I got way behind. I wrote this update on the plane and forgot to publish it! So… we’re going to post this today and tomorrow I’ll catch you up to these last couple of weeks so we can get back on track.


Special Plane Edition!

I’m flying back to Ohio today for a quick visit with my family and friends and then this weekend will be meeting up with my running friends to run a couple of races around Ohio! Being that I like being continually productive I thought I’d get my blogging done during my flight this early Thursday morning.
So last week I posted about it being DNF week for me at CrossFit. I launched into Thursday ‘s workout with some firey passion. I had a new attitude – I was going to dig deep within and give every last ounce of energy I had to finish the today’s WOD within the 20 minute time cap.
After working on push ups and knees to chest for our strength piece of the class we got to the WOD:
150 Single Under Jump Ropes
HSPU (Hand Stand Push-ups – which I did from my knees on a box)
Box Jumps
150 Single Under Jump Ropes
Classic CrossFit Buy In / Cash Out workout. I struggle with all of the movements except the box jumps. So the timer starts and I begin the jump rope piece. I could do about 35ish in a row now without stopping. I quickly got to a point where my lungs were giving out before I was tripping on the rope. It was tough but I manged to get 150.
The next piece I found myself breaking the reps into smaller sets in my head to make them manageable. After what seemed like an eternity I finally got through and looked to the clock to see if I had time to get my jump rope in.
To my pleasant surprise I was somewhere in the 12 minute range! So I picked up the rope and started cranking out single unders like it was my job. I was racing the clock and wanted to finish around 15 minutes. As I was finishing the last 10 reps and the rope passed under my feet for the last time I looked at the clock – 15:13.
I did it! I finished a WOD before the time cap!
Then I proceed to literally fall to the ground on my back and lay there for a good 30 seconds.
Saturday my buddy Scott and I went to do some lifting at the box. I wanted to work on my hang cleans because I still try and muscle the bar up and don’t pull my elbows high enough. Somehow We ended up working on:
Hang Cleans
Knees to Chest / Elbows
Jump Rope
So during the jump rope Scott tells me I have to get 50 in a row before I can move on. I told him I can’t and he just told me I had to try. So try I did and failed time and time again. Scott moves onto rowing and tells me that I can get a rower and start. I insisted that I was going to get 50 in a row no matter what. About 5 minutes later I finally hit 50 and again about collapse.
I am finding out that part of my hang up is mental. Something that I need to work on as well.
No CrossFit this week. I was in Houston for Scott’s final treatments for his brain cancer. We did mange to sneak in some rowing, squats and burpees though one day in the garage. Now to stretch and hydrate these next couple of days before my races!