From Ohio to Texas


Columbus to Texas

So, one of the many things I’ve been working on is my actual physical move from Ohio to Texas. Logistically I will be hauling everything inside my Tahoe and will have the bike rack on the back with my two bicycles. I have two ideas around my trip:

Idea A – The Roadtrip

Since I’m not against some crazy deadline I thought about taking my time to see the sights as I travel from Ohio to Texas. This would afford me stops in several cities along the way. I could plan a slightly longer route but end up seeing some more of the country and getting to visit friends and family along the way (if they’ll have me).

The only concern I have about this idea is the fact that everything I have is in my Tahoe. Now, I have nothing worth breaking a window and stealing (unless you really want my clothes or a couple of picture frames… lol) but would be criminals don’t know that. Also, I have to have a safe place to store the bikes when I’m not in the truck…

Also, it would be during the week and people work… so there’s that too.

Idea B – Get to Texas ASAP

This idea revolves around the idea of getting up super early and hit the road and drive straight from Ohio to Dallas where I’ll be staying with some friends. Stops would include a variety of gas stations and Starbucks along the way.

After a nights sleep I’ll head out and get to San Antonio that same day (It’s only about 4 hours away).

This means I only have to unload the bikes once and the risk of my truck getting broken into is much lower. So I’d see less of the country and people but would be in Texas much faster.

I was hoping that writing it out would help me process it and while it helped some – I still don’t feel any closer to a decision. Would welcome comments or opinions!


Who else is taking the 28 Day Challenge?

I had a challenge presented to me on January 31 by my friend Sean to blog every day in February to help form the habit of writing on a consistent basis. I took him up on the challenge and will be writing every day in February.