Day 1


Please forgive me for my absence in blogging. Last year got away from me and it always makes me a bit sad when I don’t stay on top of my blogging. So, to help me get back in the rhythm I took a challenge from my buddy Sean over at to write every day in February! So, if you don’t see a post from me by 12:00 PM eastern then you have my permission to come find me and yell at me via whatever method we communicate.

So, let’s catch up on the last few months of my life.

Changing My Life – One Mile at a Time
MITSo I joined MIT – Marathoners in Training to train for my first half marathon – The Columbus Marathon in October. I was a bit in disbelief that I was actually going to attempt a half marathon in my first year of running and I was almost certain that I would have to quit before I made it to the race.

Through MIT I met a ton of awesome people from my awesome coaches Stephanie and Lynn to all my running friends (and their friends). I never trained alone and it gave me the motivation I needed to go out and do long runs. It was also nice having people with you to celebrate your running milestones as you ran longer and longer distances. It really did change my life one mile at a time!

Moving The Serene Family Cross Country
Lenox and MeScott and Tracy decided that they wanted to move to Texas to be close to Scott’s family. So I flew to
Atlanta and drove their Minivan and Boxer puppy – Lenox – over 1000 miles from Atlanta, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas. Nothing went as scheduled but we managed to arrive safely in one piece (even with very little sleep) – which ultimately is all that matters. I spent the next few days relaxing poolside at Scott’s parents house and exploring the area with them (and taking a quick trip to Downtown San Antonio to experience The Alamo and The Riverwalk).


That Time I Broke a Carbon Bike Frame, Ended Up in a Ditch and Walked Away
So, one week before the Canadian Invasion and Pelotonia I was in a bike on bike accident during Pedal With Pete. I’m not blaming anyone for the accident – it was an accident and things happened. I was the only one who was injured or hurt – which I was thankful for. Clearly, God was watching out for Road Rashme. My handlebars got flipped 180 degrees and flipped me off my bike going about 20MPH and I landed on my arm/side in a ditch. I hit the ground so hard that my FitBit tracker came out of the wristband I was wearing without the wristband leaving my arm. Besides a gnarly scar on my right arm – I walked away from the accident with no major injuries (I even managed to run a 10 MILE race the next day – first time running double digit miles!).

I did manage to break a carbon frame and thanks to the wonderful folks at Cyclist Connection (read = Ric Noland) and BMC I was able to have a replacement BMC GranFondo in time for Pelotonia next week!

The Canadian Invasion
Chris and Jo!Christopher and Jo came to visit me! Yes, little ol me. They took a week of their vacation time and spent way too much money on plane tickets to spend time with me! I did my best to show them Columbus (read = we ate out a lot). I also got to introduce them to my mom and grandma who were very excited to meet them. It was so much fun getting to share my life with them. Between all our culinary experiences we also managed to fit in a glass blowing class at Franklin Park Conservatory. We all had a blast and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Pelotonia 2014
Day 2 Start!One of the other reasons that Christopher and Jo came to visit was for Christopher to ride Pelotonia 2014. After some drama with his bike (thanks again :roll for helping me out and correcting someone else’s mistake) we rode 180 miles together. It was such a great time for me to share this event with one my greatest friends. Christopher and I have been on this biking journey via Twitter for years and I’ve rode a ride with him up in Canada and he returned the gesture by riding the event that got me into cycling 4 years ago!



Falcons, Texans, and Texas
NRG StadiumSometimes I do crazy things. You know, like drive 22 hours in a car to meet people in another country that I’ve never talked to on the phone or Skype – only Twitter and e-mail. I also will buy last minute plane tickets to San Antonio, TX to take one of my friends to see his beloved Falcons play the Houston Texans. I literally flew down Friday after work and then Saturday Scott and I set out for Houston so we could see the Falcons play the Texans. I was even brave enough to dress as a Falcons fan (though I did fear for my life a few times… lol). I learned that those Texans fans take their football seriously and that there are very few Falcons fans in Houston.

Crazy? Sure. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. I was a great memory and I’m glad that I got to share that with Scott.

Clays for Cara
You know, because I haven’t been to Texas enough this year I decided to make a return trip in October to attend an event with Scott, Tracy, The 4Cs and Scott’s Mom, Dad and Aunt and Uncle. This one was way less hurried and had some downtime for me to enjoy since I wasn’t flying back until Monday afternoon.

Clays for CaraScott and I got up Saturday morning and went out to the Clay shooting tournament to spectate. It was a fun time and I enjoyed getting to meet everyone working with the Cara Hobbs foundation. Later that evening we attended the dinner where Scott’s family was one of the honorees. On a side note – the food was amazing and I sometimes dream about the build your own nacho bar that they had. I could have ate that stuff for days… haha.

What a beautiful thing that they do for these families! I am so happy that I took the time to experience this with them.


I’m a 1/2 Marathon Runner
So, here I am. It’s butt-crack-of-dawn early and I’m standing outside in a corral of people waiting for my turn to cross the start line at the Columbus Marathon. Nervous. Anxious. Excited. Reassuring myself that I could do this – even though I had to skip the 12 mile training run. As quickly as it began it seemed like time just flew by (and thankfully, so did the miles). I saw my friends and family along the course and am so thankful that they came out to support me!

I’ll never forget when I saw the Mile 13 sign. I thought for sure that it would be at this point (if I made it that far) that I would trip and break my leg or something to keep me from finishing. I crossed under the finish banner shortly thereafter. I did it. I DID IT.

CBus Marathon

I ran a 1/2 marathon.

I finished in 3:04. I’m now officially a half marathon runner! I can go run out and put one of those 13.1 stickers on my cars! I can talk to everyone about how I ran a 1/2 marathon. I checked a (fairly large) bucket list item off my list!

It was tough but I loved every minute of it and plan to run many more races in the future!

That got you caught up to the end of October. More the rest of this week!

To new things ahead!